Dance Room

Dance Room

A graceful dance and a tune in symphony are always enchanting. Underneath the flaming sun, world is so small that art can hardly miss any opportunity of creating a miracle which might ever seem less worth of a great applause.

Indian Classical Dance has always gained a principle quotient in all schools. And we don't want our children to miss that magic either. At the moment children avail the facilities to learn Classical arts like Bharatanatyam and Kuchupudi. Folk also has a prime time in every occasion that the school finds opportunity to celebrate.

If one wants to learn this important part of our Vedic culture one has to come across countless disciplines, which enrich and refine the human personality and make it more and more divine.

Art is not only the quintessence of Sweetness, Beauty and Power of our eternal Culture, but it is also a prayer and meditation, attracting divine blessings, happiness and peace of mind.

Our School has a dance room which is equipped with computers, music system and mirrors. Talented and passionate teachers mentor children.


To provide accessible, affordable and contemporary education with a deep-rooted value system.

To stimulate and nurture young minds which strive for excellence through active learning.

Torecognizes that education should foster independent thinking exploration and experimentati on as a life process.


Let's build a great school together

This multi-faceted learning-teaching approach allows children to understand and imbibe lessons completely and apply them to real-life situations. The school’s active and dynamic learning environment provides them with a wholesome education experience.

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