Music Room

Music Room

"Music is the universal language that each and everyone understands”

The day starts with the chiming of beautiful verses in “Praise of the Lord”. The school choir is famous in Surajpur for its melodious presentations. The choir is active all the year round. The school can boast of an excellent staff choir too.

Apart from this the boys are given every opportunity to learn various instruments like the keyboard, guitar, drums, Tabla etc. For this special coaching extra fees are charged. Boys who are interested in Indian Music are given an opportunity to present an item on the school Annual Day.


To provide accessible, affordable and contemporary education with a deep-rooted value system.

To stimulate and nurture young minds which strive for excellence through active learning.

Torecognizes that education should foster independent thinking exploration and experimentati on as a life process.


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This multi-faceted learning-teaching approach allows children to understand and imbibe lessons completely and apply them to real-life situations. The school’s active and dynamic learning environment provides them with a wholesome education experience.

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