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The foundation of this unique school was laid way back in 2014, Today, Sadhu Ram Vdiya Mandir is a multi-cultural school which endeavours to promote the all-round development of the child through learning for life. In a span of over four decades, the school has widened its horizon and changed the conventional norms of teaching to bring about a truly inclusive system of learning.


Sadhu Ram Vidya Mandir


To provide accessible, affordable and contemporary education with a deep-rooted value system.

To stimulate and nurture young minds which strive for excellence through active learning.

Torecognizes that education should foster independent thinking exploration and experimentati on as a life process.


Let's build a great school together

This multi-faceted learning-teaching approach allows children to understand and imbibe lessons completely and apply them to real-life situations. The school’s active and dynamic learning environment provides them with a wholesome education experience.

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